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The Offering

There is innocence in making mistakes. Often, we force ourselves to learn the same lessons in a circle of inertia and yet, we are ever-changing, slowly moving forward in a spiral formation. From a microcosmic perspective, our environmental impact is an echoing lesson that we, as a human race, must continue to revisit. This has been one of the ongoing struggles in our fight to save the monarch butterfly.

In the midst of herbicide-tolerant soy and cornfields, eighty (80) percent of wild milkweed (the sole plant on which the monarch propagates its eggs) has disappeared. With nowhere to reproduce, the monarch population has plummeted by ninety (90) percent. In an attempt to right this wrong, the milkweed has become a popular garden plant. However, when the species of milkweed is not indigenous, it flowers at the wrong time of year and the noble gesture is in vain. As a result, the delicate cycle of the monarch migration spirals downward and perpetuates possible extinction. A beautiful intention is diminished by a lack of information. 

The altruistic pursuit to offer something, even when it is futile, is better than offering nothing at all.

It begins conversations.

It evokes questions and inspires kindness.

Here is an offering of metamorphosis and change.    ~ Camille

invitation to The Offering exhibition
Closeup of Simon and monarch butterflies.
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