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The Imaginal Cell Collection

When a caterpillar experiences metamorphosis, it must first come to terms with its mortality. Amorphous cells, known as Imaginal Cells, multiply within the chrysalis, impervious to the caterpillar’s immune system. When the Imaginal Cells finally reach critical mass, the defeated caterpillar accepts its mortal fate, and metamorphosis begins. At this point, the newly awakened cells band together, transform, and become the mysterious creature that we know as “butterfly.”


The Imaginal Cell Collection honors the transformative, creative process of not knowing. Sometimes we must let go of the traditional constructs that we “understand” in order to discover something new and beautiful within ourselves. This body of work deconstructs the geometric forms of the iconic monarch wing, transforming them into unexpected patterns and celebrating nature’s symmetry.


We are the sum of our own imaginations. Letting go is the seed to metamorphosis.

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