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Camille Torres Designs Headshot About page slumber earrings sterling silver

Artist's Statement ~

I have been making jewelry since I was a child, but as an adult, it has become my passion. Born in Oakland and raised in Sonoma County, I have always had a love affair with the gnarled branches of oaks, and the majestic, misty redwood obelisks that distinguish the hills of California. I draw much of my inspiration from the natural forms that surround me. My subjects are inspired by the natural cycles in life, intertwining nature and the human interaction within it. Many of the shapes and designs are constructed in sacred geometry and act as homage to our myths and lessons of the ancient religions, which revered nature.​

The Origin Story


When I was a little girl, my best friend’s mother was a jeweler. I remember her desk dripping with beaded jewelry, strung from the most delicate French beads. They were mysterious, evocative, and completely off limits! I innately understood that I should not touch them, in the childhood fear that they may shatter into a million pieces, smattering the floor in every direction with a sound of beaded rain. But on this one very special day, I broke the rule.


I remember the bracelet like it was yesterday. It was made of golden, lace-like beads and these little spheres the color of cherries. I later discovered that those little yellow beads were gold filigree and the cherries were rubies, but none of that had registered in my 11-year-old mind. All I knew was that it called me across the room, hand outstretched like Sleeping Beauty hypnotized by the spindle. As I pulled the bracelet over my wrist, I can still feel the endorphin rush that hit me. I felt like a queen. Not a princess … Oh no. Something inside of me had awoken, and there was no need for a prince’s kiss. I was fierce. With that bracelet on my wrist, I could take on the world.


Years later, it is that feeling that fuels my need to make jewelry. When I see someone try on a necklace or a pair of earrings that I have made for the first time, I hold my breath for their reaction. If they love it, there is instant recognition. A posturing that says, “beauty”, “ferocity”, or “grace.” They think they are looking at the jewelry, but they are actually looking at themselves. It is humbling, and it inspires me to know that my creative juju is the reflective conduit reminding them of their inner awesome. This is why I make jewelry. This is why I make wearable art.

"Flora, fauna and the cycles of nature are the foundation of my work."

Camille Torres at work in jewelry studio.
hair jewelry by Camille Torres Designs
Photograph by Abigail Townsend Photography

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Monarch wings ready for The Offering installation, Camille Torres' thesis exhibit.
Jewelry pieces created and designed for Valley of the Moon Collection by Camille Torres, inspired by redwood trees that have been cross-cut.
Custom jewelry available. One view of the jeweler's bench in studio for Camille Torres Designs.
Monarch wings ready to metamorphosis to earrings and pendants for The Imaginal Cell Collection by Camille Torres Designs.
Shop Now for jewelry with moonstones by Camille Torres Designs.
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