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Photograph by Abigail Townsend Photography
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"Flora, fauna and the cycles of nature are the foundation of my work."


Artist Statement

My name is Camille Torres and I am the artist behind  Camille Torres Designs. I’ve been making functional art since I can remember. Mostly textiles in the early days, but I discovered jewelry when I was about ten years old. I earned my BFA from the Jewelry/Metal Arts program at California College of the Arts and I currently work out of my home-based studio in the  Californian  East Bay.


I was born and raised in Northern California and my aesthetic is deeply influenced by the majestic beauty that distinguishes the hills of my home. I draw much of my inspiration from the natural forms that surround me. Flora, fauna and the cycles of nature are the foundation of my work. I thrive on detail and many of the shapes and designs in my jewelry are constructed in sacred geometry that act as homage to our myths and lessons of ancient religion. 


I think the reason I fell for jewelry is because I love making shiny things that bring out the beauty in the people who wear them. I see accessories as a conduit for the wearer's inner-awesome. They give people that extra something that makes them feel pretty or strong or maybe just a little more ready to face their day. Making something that inspires confidence is why I make wearable art.


Thank you!

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