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'Circles' is a poetic blend of timeless design and the intricate beauty of nature. This sterling silver and 14k yellow gold neclace, featuring a half-moon dendritic agate adorned and set with a meticulously placed 3 mm rose-cut champagne diamond, showcases nature's intricate artistry. Accentuated by 14k gold rings, the pendant highlights the captivating circular dendrites within the gemstone. Choose your desired length – 18 or 20 inches – and fasten it with a hand-crafted gold hook clasp.


Agate measures approximately 1 x .6 onches.

Circles: Dendritic Agate and rose cut champaign diamond necklace

Out of Stock
  • This necklace is currently at ACCI , a gallery in Berkley. You can purchase it by calling (510) 843-2527

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